Gennre? Who ta f*#$ is Gennre?!

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Have you ever dreamed of winning a big trophy for something you love doing? Well, that’s exactly what happened to the band Gennre! Let me tell you their amazing story.

Every year in Berlin, there’s a special event called the Berlin Music Video Awards. It’s like the Oscars, but for music videos. Bands and singers from all over the world send their best songs and videos, hoping to win. But it’s really hard to get picked because the judges are super picky and only choose the best of the best.

This year, something magical happened. A band called Gennre won not one, but two trophies! They won the “Best Song” award and the “Best Music Video” award. That’s like winning the gold medal in two different sports at the same Olympics!

Sebastian, who hosts a cool podcast called “Unsigned Berlin,” got to interview Gennre. In the interview, he asked them how they felt about their big win. The band members were over the moon! They said it was like a dream come true because they only started their career. Gennre’s victory shows that even when something seems impossible, hard work and passion can make it happen.

A Message to Dreamers

Gennre’s story is a great reminder that dreams can come true. Whether you want to be a musician, an artist, or anything else, remember to work hard, stay creative, and never give up. Who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll win your big trophy!

So, the next time you listen to a song or watch a music video, think about all the hard work and creativity that went into making it. And remember Gennre’s story—because if they can make the impossible happen, so can you!

Watch the full interview by “Unsigned Berlin”:

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