Freddie’s Flowers – Flower subscription with learning effect.

Freddie’s Flowers delivers a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers at desired intervals. But you don’t just get a finished bouquet, but raw flowers and detailed instructions how to prepare them like a professional yourself.

The delivery includes the flowers, which arrive well packed in a large box, a plug-in instruction with interesting info and a picture of the finished bouquet.

Started the whole idea in England and has now made it to us in Germany, and now conjures up in this country colour in the house. However, this colour also has its price, which is 30 euros per bouquet.

Clear menu navigation
If an account has created, you can log on to the website and meets a clear page. There you can change personal data, manage the subscription, give flowers to friends (only with subscription) or you can get a look at already sent deliveries.

Subscription management made easy
The unsubscribed management is clearly presented in calendar form, where you can decide on a delivery week by week. Here’s the kicker: since it’s a subscription, you have to stay on top of it if you don’t want to get “too many” flowers. Processing is always possible four weeks in advance, which is why it is a good idea to create a recurring reminder in Google Calendar, for example. Then you can never forget to skip a delivery.

We took out the subscription for our mothers and gave it to them for Christmas, but left the management in our hands. So the two of them get a monthly bouquet of flowers for a certain period of time and got a somewhat different Christmas gift. The idea was also well received by the two, and you are already looking forward to the other bouquets. Also, the thought of having to do something yourself they found great, the “finished” flowers can get anyone 😉

Scope of delivery

The first delivery includes the typical Freddie’s Flowers vase, which in itself would cost 30 euros. Not to forget the beautiful flowers, which are of course the main thing. The vase is simple and fits any type of bouquet.

Detailed and informative plug-in instructions.

Who does not want to have a pure glass vase can alternatively order this gem on Amazon, which also makes very nice as a decorative addition:

Who prefers it colored should reach for this vase, which fits through its timeless design in any home.

Step by step, you come with the attached instructions to a beautiful result, which can be seen in any case. In the process, you still get information about the flowers used and learn something.

The flowers arrive still slightly closed, and so he still changes within a few days.

Conclusion – Good quality at a fair price
First of all, 30 Euros is a steep price for a bouquet, if you think about it carefully. But for this price, the flowers are fresh, delivered free of charge to your home, and bring a smile to people’s faces.

The enclosed plug-in instructions are easy to understand and can be implemented by anyone in no time. The notes about the plants are informative and especially interesting for flower lovers. Through the instructions it is possible at any time to put the bouquets again, if they have pleased one (one must buy only the flowers then themselves).

Through the enclosed “flower food” (two bags of powder) the bouquets last one to two weeks and can then even be reduced (withered flowers out and move to a smaller vase).

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