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The I ♥ Berlin Office Groove Mixtape

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

The I ♥ Berlin office was abuzz with auditory ecstasy as we compiled our latest issue. It’s not just the articles that got our creative juices flowing but the music that accompanied every keystroke and brainstorming session. So what’s been playing on repeat at I ♥ Berlin-Music?

Let me take you through the eclectic soundscape that framed our latest editorial adventures.

  • Indie anthems infused with innovative electronic beats that spark imagination.
  • Classic rock tracks offering a sense of nostalgia and time-tested energy.
  • Up-and-coming local Berlin artists that encapsulate the city’s vibrant and ever-evolving music scene.
  • International chart-toppers that brought a universal rhythm to our local work environment.

The beauty of music at I ♥ Berlin is in its diversity and its ability to anchor us in a shared cultural experience while we dive deep into the world of Berlin-centric storytelling.

But it wasn’t just our ears that were in for a treat. The vibrancy of the tunes reflected the colourful imagery that spilled across our pages. Speaking of imagery…

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