Flow: The Exhibition About Menstruation – Shattering the Taboo Around Periods

Banishing the Taboo of Menstruation. Flow: The Exhibition About Menstruation, a groundbreaking showcase, is confronting the stigmas head-on. Creating a dialogue around a subject that has been whispered about for far too long, this exhibition is set to revolutionize the way we view and discuss periods.

  • Shining a Light on Menstrual Realities
  • Featuring Innovations in Menstrual Health
  • Celebrating Menstruation through Art

With I ♥ Berlin-Art, expect a platform that isn’t just informative, but also engaging.

Be part of the movement. Let’s dive into an exhibition that’s rewriting the narrative on menstrual health and empowerment. Flow: The Exhibition About Menstruation is not just an eye-opener; it’s a game changer in cultural expression and education. I ♥ Berlin-Art is proud to present a pivotal moment in menstrual discourse.

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