The Mesmerizing STALACTITE at Dark Matter: Robag Wruhme

Prepare to be captivated by a one-of-a-kind spectacle at Dark Matter this year. The outdoor area will be illuminated by the breathtaking 16-meter-high light sculpture known as STALACTITE. Designed by renowned light artist Christopher Bauder and WHITEvoid, this extraordinary installation will set the stage for unforgettable summer evenings under the stars.

From Thursdays to Sundays, SUMMERLIGHTS invites you to witness the brilliance of STALACTITE. As the sun sets, the illuminated sculpture comes to life, casting a mesmerizing glow over the surroundings. Take a seat in the comfortable seating area, sip on refreshing drinks, and indulge in the finest electronic music provided by talented DJs and live acts. And if the rhythm moves you, feel free to hit the dance floor and let the music guide your moves. The awe-inspiring construction of 360 light rods hovers above, emanating intricate patterns and shapes that pulsate in sync with the beats. Cutting-edge software generates these captivating light animations in real-time, responding to the music with seamless synchronization. Prepare to embark on an audio-visual journey that combines light, space, and sound like never before.

Tickets for SOMMERLIGHTS can be purchased online or at the box office, granting you access to this immersive experience. Please note that as Dark Matter operates on a time slot basis, the combined ticket for Dark Matter and SOMMERLIGHTS is exclusively available online.

Under the creative direction of Christopher Bauder and produced by WHITEvoid, STALACTITE at Dark Matter promises to transport you to a world where art, technology, and music converge. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of an extraordinary fusion of visual and auditory sensations.

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